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Get an elite assistant and world-class delegation coaching

Why Collide Wonders with NovaRise?

SuperNova Assistants

In a supernova burst, we diligently screen our executive assistants, so you can skip the hassle. Our EAs, like celestial stars, unleash their boundless talent and unwavering dedication, igniting your business with brilliance.

SuperNova Innovation

From neophytes to virtuosos, we’ve elevated delegation to a supernova of innovation. Our EAs undergo rigorous training, honing their skills in the intricate arts of delegation and organization. This preparation ensures your business rises like a shooting star in the night sky of success.

SuperNova Support

We’re your supernova support for transformation. We not only provide exceptional assistance but ensure our clients evolve to a brighter, better life. Picture yourself watching sunsets by the beach, as we make your dream life a reality.

Step Up Your Game: Don't Be Your Own Assistant.

Why Is Organizing and Delegation the Supernova Path to Executive Assistant Success?

From neophytes to experts, we’ve ignited delegation and organization skills among our executive assistants into a supernova of innovation.

Our Supernova Transformation Process

SuperNova Assistants

We begin our executive assistants journey by gazing into the depths of your strengths and areas where they can shine brighter in delegation and organization.

Galactic Delegation & Organization Mastery

Our executive assistants reach celestial heights as they master the art of delegation, organization, and time management, like stars aligning flawlessly.

Cosmic Technology Integration

Our executive assistants navigate to the celestial realms of technology and emerge with newfound mastery, seamlessly integrating tools that enhance their efficiency.

Astral Prioritization

We hone our executive assistants’ skills with celestial precision as they prioritize tasks using the ethereal Eisenhower Matrix, focusing their energy on the most brilliant objectives.

Eternal Growth and Evolution

Our EA's embrace the boundless cosmic realm of knowledge and development. Through the integration of AI into our workflow, we aim to elevate our services and provide innovative solutions that drive our clients towards their goals.

Constellation of Success

We celebrate their transformation's supernova brilliance, recognizing and rewarding their celestial achievements.

Ignite endless ideas, never cease. Assign tasks, make them soar with grace.

Delegate tasks, let our supernova assistant organize your load, with cosmic ease.

Extensive VA

AI Integration for
Smart Work

Free Quarterly

Healthy Work Environment

In the vast canvas of your dreams and goals, Mastering delegation & organization, in unity we chime. Together, let’s unlock your success, one star at a time.

Our pricing is transparent and tailored to your needs.

Choose your SuperNova Executive Assistant for $1200/month

Our aim is to assist you in scaling your business with reduced hassle by providing comprehensive training to your executive assistants.


SuperNova Assistant

Smart Working with AI

Quality Assurance

Get a full-time SuperNova Executive Assistant exclusively for you. $1200/ month

Life in Full Circle

We're your all-in-one solution.

Training Mastery

Attaining more with less effort through expertise training.

Full-time Dedication

Over 40 hrs a week, solely focused on your success.

SuperNova Account Manager

Ensuring quality & productivity in your assistant.

Valuable Perks

Our EAs are nurtured to excel in serving you.

Balanced Workplace

Prioritizing professional, personal, and mental well-being for our EAs.


A one-month notice is all it takes.

Payment Flexibility

Wise & Stripe - easy.

Skill Assessment

Behavioral Assessment



Our Supernova Protocol

30-Day Cosmic Training

Prior to taking on clients, we thoroughly train our executive assistants to master the skills and tools used by the most exceptional professionals in the universe.

Quarterly Mentorship Sessions

We empower your executive assistant with advanced skills, knowledge enrichment, and access to niche experts for superior performance.

Working Smart with AI

Creating help to our assistants,” NovaRise integrates AI apps to significantly boost productivity and output. This integration empowers assistants to proactively suggest task delegations from your existing workflows and generate content, including email templates, in your preferred style, further enhancing efficiency.

The Finest Assistants Worldwide For

NovaRise connects investors, executives, startups, and high-growth companies with exceptional assistants to ignite a galactic surge in productivity.


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